Glenn Reeve



Born in Stevenage 1962. I grew up mostly listening to my brothers records. Be-Bop Deluxe were a big influence as were Roxy Music with Brian Eno creating amazing sounds on his primitive synthesizer.


This was 1972. I never learnt to play any instrument until I was 15. A workmate at a garage where I was in an apprenticeship program said he would teach me. His name was Ade Dawborne.


He had a Stratocaster and a bass. He taught me to play my first note. An "A” played on the “E” string which was the beginning of “Pretty Vacant” by the Sex Pistols. He then taught me basic riffs. Walking bass etc. I was hooked.

When I was 19 I answered an advert placed by Gordon Storey. This was 1981. He had a Korg MS20 so I bought one too. I also bought my first bass guitar.



We used reel to reel to record backing tracks. Gordon was always the technical one but I had something much greater. A van.


I only did one gig at "Jeans” in Hitchin. I then got side lined by other events in my life.


I sang jointly in a group called “Sicks Pack” A rock band doing covers for events. This was in the “Noughties” I never earnt a penny. All the lads gave their money to our young lead guitarist who was off to university.


However, I never forgot those days of us practicing in my Mum and Dad’s garage and the enthused memories of playing music with TNC.


Big music influences for me were “Tears for Fears” “Simple Minds” "Cure" “Scars” “Gary Numan” “Depeche Mode” to name a few.




I lost contact though with Gordon until a post appeared by Sean Keogh on facebook. This was December 2020. He mentioned “The Ninth Configuration” in a post on FB and had a contact number for Gordon. I always felt I had unfinished business regarding music with Gordon.

What we are producing together now is more than I could hope for. I feel 15 again but with the confidence that the music we are creating, will hopefully be received by those who appreciate this genre.