A Brief History of the Band

The band was formed by Glenn Reeve who played the bass and Gordon Storey who tinkered with synth and drum machine, in Stevenage, UK in 1981. The name was agreed upon whilst both were having a pint or two in the Red Lion pub. Gordon had seen the film, The Ninth Configuration in London and they thought the name was off the wall and different enough to be interesting. 


There where a few line up changes during the time and they did only 1 gig at Jeans pub in Hitchin. After which the band fizzled out and they went their seperate ways.



Gordon took the name and formed up with Sarah Breeze, a singer, when he moved to Bournemouth and they spent the next three years gigging in and round the area, which had a really lively music scene.


The band relocated back to Stevenage and continued gigging but were struggling up hill in the Stevenage music scene which was very guitar orientated at the time and they found it hard to reach an audience. The line up split after a few years.


After a few years of inactivity a new singer in the form of Darran Hitch came on the scene. The group wrote quite a few tracks did a number of gigs around the county, creating a tape of 6 songs, called Reformation, that they sold at the gigs.


Time moves on, so let's fast forward to 2011. A reunion was organised by Neville Ashman, for bands who played two venues in Bournemouth, back in the mid 80's, The Third Side and The Cryptic Circus. The Ninth Configuration were asked to perform, so Gordon and Sarah did a three song set.


Once again, let's do the wavey thing and travel forward in time to 2020, where a post was made on FB, messages sent and low and behold, full circle, Glenn Reeve pops onto the scene and the rest as they say is history, or will be in years to come.


So now you're all caught up, hope you enjoy what the group have been and will create, they do, and that's what it's all about.