A Brief History of the Band



It all began back in 1979, when I went to see Siousxie and the Banshees at the Rainbow theatre in London. The support band was the Human League (in what was in my opinion, their best line up) and I was hooked, I wanted a synth. So I bought a Korg MS20. I couldn't play anything, but the punk scene had inspired everyone, if you wanted to make music, go for it.


After initially messing around with guitar and drummer friends from Art college (yeah cliché or what?) for a couple of months. I formed up with Glenn Reeve who played the bass in my hometown of Stevenage and purchased a Stix drum machine and Akai 2 track reel to reel.


I loved the analogue feel of the synth, no presets, you had to move the myriad of knobs to form any sounds and it was outstanding with warm sounds and noises. The only draw back was it was monophonic. The repetition of the drum machine was hypnotic and when I patched into the synth, I was blown away. The Akia was used to bounce tracks, no multi track recorder here. Record on track 1 then bounce that recording onto track 2 whilst mixing in the 2nd layer of sounds or vocals. Then bounce that back to track 1 and mix in another layer.



Glenn and myself along with singer Sue Steed did one gig at Jeans in Hitchin before going in different directions.


A couple of months later I moved to Bournemouth and recruited a new singer, Sarah Breeze. At this time I also aquired a Roland SH101 and Moog Prodigy. Whilst down there, The Ninth Configuration and a friend Ian Gray from the band Jumping with Jack got together to form a separate band, The Morgue Twins, playing and performing songs that had a more theatrical feel and just being totally off the wall. 

After a few years of gigging around the area, we moved back to Stevenage, where we found it quite difficult to break the guitar orientated music scene up here and so after several years of gigging The Ninth went their separate ways.




By this time, I'd acquired an Atari computer along with the fabulous Creator software, a Korg Poly 800, Yamaha FB01 and Roland TR505 drum machine, plus a TASCAM 244 Portastudio 4-Track Cassette Recorder and with a new singer Darran Hitch, did quite a few gigs and produced a cassette of 6 songs that we sold at gigs, called Reformation.


After a period of inactivity a reunion of The Ninth Configuration and The Morgue twins, played a gig in Bournemouth along with other bands from that time in the 80's.


This regenerated my urge to create sounds and rhythms again and under the name 313 Cartel I produced a few tracks on soundcloud.


I continued to tinker with sounds over the years for my own enjoyment and after reconnecting with Glenn in 2020, he reignited my passion for creating again. Together we produced a fair few tracks and in early 2022 we took different roads to create our own music but will still colaberate further along the way.