The Morgue Twins



The Morgue Twins originally formed from The Ninth Configuration and Jumping with Jack back in the early 80s, consisting of Gordon Storey, Sarah Breeze and Ian Grey.


They formed to release and perform material that didn't quite fit in with their bands sound at the time. Doing gigs around the Bournemouth area and basically not taking anything seriously.


When The Ninth Configuration relocated back to Stevenage The Morgue Twins went in to hibernation or hiding, we're not quite sure.


In 2010 a reunion was played in Bournemouth and so Ian and Gordon revamped remotely, a few of their songs using upto date equipment.


Four tracks were finished at the time with a couple not quite done. There are plans to finish them and do a couple more colabs together in the future. 





Below are the 2010 tracks produced by The Morgue Twins. 



The begining of Backwards is an exact copy of the original and then 2 minutes in we change it up a little


We did a colaberation using the music of ThE AsSociaTIoN click to go to he's Soundcloud page